Free One Page Wedding Website Template #1

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About This Website Template

  • This free template is perfect to use as a wedding website.
  • It includes an easy to read navigation menu. When viewed on smaller screens, there is a "Menu" button that display a drop-down menu when the button is clicked. It also has animated scrolling which smoothly scrolls you to wich ever section you click on.
  • It has a responsive jQuery image slider that looks good and works on any device that the website is displayed on.
  • It has an area at the bottom of the template where you can link to your social media pages.
  • It has an area where you can include information on the gift registry.
  • It has an area where you can include the venue information.
  • It is easy to edit and loads fast.
  • It is built using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery.
  • The images formats included are jpg, png and svg.

Website Template Information and Credits

Date Created: 5/4/2017

The navigation menu is a modified version of

The vector icons are from and the pictures are from (with some changes).

The image slider is from with a few changes.

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All of our website templates are built using HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery.