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This free website template has a video background and is perfect for you app website.


Awesome Features

This area of the template can be used to briefly go over some of the features of your app.

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Get Things Done

Use the todo list app to help you get things done.

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Never miss any type of message, wether it be emails, phone call, texts or any type of message.

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Get Instant Alerts!

Get instant alerts when ever anyone else tries to log on to your account.

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Stay Organized

Use our app to stay organized so that you can easily get more things done.

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Instant Updates

Our app lets you stay update without any interuption.

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Mobile Payments

Pay for anything, any time, with our free app. We make it easy to let you pay for any purchase that you may have to make.

About This Template

This free one page website template is made using HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery as are all of our templates. It is easy to edit and responsive. We're constantly adding more templates and updating the templates that are already available.

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Responsive Design

This free one page website is perfect to use for an app website. Made with HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery and made responsive using CSS's Flexbox properties.

Pricing Plans

This website template also has a pricing plans area where you can display your pricing options.







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