Free One Page Website Templates that are built with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

RiseApp - App Template

About This Website Template

  • This free one page website template is perfect to use for your next one app product website.
  • It is built using only HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • The navigation menu is in a fixed position on the screen in the upper right hand corner and pops up as a black screen overlay when the toggle button is clicked.
  • The javascript animation on load and scroll library is super easy for you to add, change and edit animations.
  • It has two areas where you can list some of the features of the app.
  • It has a pricing plans area which displays three pricing plan boxes.
  • It has an area at the bottom of the template where you can link to your social media pages.

Website Template Information and Credits

The javascript animation library is AOS Animation On Scroll.

Some of the icons are from

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